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The Balanced Mind

Prayer from UP Church | July 3rd, 2015

Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee. I know that the inner desires of my heart come from God within me. God wants me to by happy. The will of God for me is life, love, truth, and beauty. I mentally accept my good now, and I become a perfect channel for the Divine.

I come into his Presence singing; I enter into His courts with praise; I am joyful and happy; I am still and poised.

The Still Small Voice whispers in my ear, revealing to me my perfect answer. I am an expression of God. I am always in my true place, doing the thing I love to do. I refuse to accept the opinions of man as truth. I now turn within and I sense and feel the rhythm of the Divine. I hear the melody of God whispering its message of love to me.

My mind is God’s mind, and I am always reflecting Divine Wisdom and Divine Intelligence. My brain symbolizes my capacity to think wisely and spiritually. God’s ideas unfold within my mind with perfect sequence. I am always poised, balanced, serene, and calm, for I know that God will always reveal to me the perfect solution to all my needs.

[Taken from Special Meditations for Health, Wealth, Love, and Expression by Joseph Murphy]

Prayer from UP Church | July 2nd, 2015

For all things proceed out this same spirit, which is differently named love, justice, temperance, in its different applications, just as the ocean receives different names on the several shores which it washes. Emerson

God must act by means of me, for otherwise I have no purpose in life. I am; therefore that which caused me to be, must have a reason for my being. I have confidence that the Infinite Mind knew what it was doing as it released me into the world. I have a divine purpose and a spiritual reason for being. I am not an accident of fate, nor a victim of inheritance. I am a living soul equipped to display the attributes of God in my world. I have within me the potentials of greatness, yes, the glory of God as he acts through man. To me is given the Mind, Live and Love of God, and I accept my role in the Divine Plan.

I live, because God is life. I love, for within me is a Love greater than I have ever known. I am kind to others, because God in me knows their love, their integrity and their hopes. I have at the center of my being all the Mind of Truth. His Ideas are mine, and His ways are my paths of peace. I know the real meaning of spiritual justice. I judge no man by his outer actions. I judge only righteous judgment. God is man in his own real self, and though his outer actions may camouflage this, it still remains true. I behold the Truth in every person. I see God in every face.

To live in the Presence is to live always in balance. I have true temperance, for I am guided by a Wisdom that always guides me rightly. I indulge in the good, and fast from all evil. I find my every hunger and thirst satisfied by an inner manna of the Spirit. I live with wisdom, and allow my fellowman to do the same. I have the spiritual intelligence to perceive the difference between temperance and intolerance. I live and let live. I love and let love happen. I have faith in my concept of Truth, and respect my fellowman’s concept as well. I live in God, and I express His love, justice and temperance.

Prayer from UP Church | July 1st, 2015

Good is positive. Evil is merely privative, not absolute; it is like cold which is the privation of heat. All evil is so much death or nonentity. Benevolence is absolute and real. Emerson

I have free will as a part of my Divine Birthright. This great power of mind is mine to use, and the Law of Mind must fulfill my direction. I now declare my freedom from all evil. I refuse to be dominated by illness, fear, lack and frustration. God never made them, and I will have nothing to do with them. God in me knows only my perfect self, and this alone I recognize, affirm and accept. Having the power to reject the undesirable, I now declare my freedom from evil. Never again will negatives rule my thinking. I am the perfect creation of a perfect God, and I know it.

My body is divinely created and divinely operated. It is not subject to the ills of the flesh, for my flesh is spiritual substance and cannot be defiled. No sickness can come upon me, and no medical belief can enthrall me. I am the health of the Spirit. I am the Life of God made manifest. I control my thinking and discipline my emotions. My vitality is sufficient for every demand made upon it. I am never unhappy, for God in me is the joy of living. Outer pleasure I enjoy, but my inner joy is not dependent upon it. My real happiness is from my knowledge of God as the joy of my being.

I refuse to experience poverty, lack or financial limitation. I live in a universe of Divine Design and It knows no lack of abundance. Everywhere prosperity is rampant. Money seeks me through every person, thing and situation. His richness is mine, and I accept it. I enjoy the money I have, and I use it with wisdom. There is no virtue in lack, and I now dismiss it from my world. I am the Child of a rich and abundant God. The eternal providing Principle supports and maintains me in freedom. I have Manna to eat which no man can see. I have a living Water of Life to drink, and I am free of all evil.

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

My vision is that I desire to know more of God and the way He works. My vision is for perfect health, harmony and peace. My vision is the inner faith that Infinite Spirit leads and guides me now in all ways. I know and believe that the God-Power within me answers my prayer; this is a deep conviction within me.

I know that the mental picture to which I remain faithful will be developed in my subconscious mind and come forth on the screen of space.

I make it my daily practice to imagine for myself and others only that which is noble, wonderful, and God-like. I now imagine that I am doing the things I long to do; I imagine that I now possess the things I long to possess; I imagine I am what I long to be. To make it real, I feel the reality of it; I know that it is so. Thank You, Father.

[Taken from Special Meditations for Health, Wealth, Love and Expression by Joseph Murphy]

Prayer from UP Church | June 29th, 2015

I will lift up mine eyes (imagination) unto the hills, from which cometh my help. Psalm 121:1

The hills are of an inner range – the Presence of God in you. When you see guidance and inspiration, fix your eyes on the stars of God’s Truth, such as “Infinite Intelligence leads and guides me,” or “Divine Wisdom floods my mind and I am inspired from on High.

You have visited a quiet lake or a mountain top. Notice how the placid, cool, calm surface reflected the heavenly lights, so does the quiet mind of the spiritual person reflect God’s interior Lights and Wisdom.

Picture your ideal in life; live with this ideal. Let the ideal captivate your imagination; let the idea thrill you! You will move in the direction of the ideal which governs your mind. The ideals of life are like the dew of heaven which move over the arid areas of our minds refreshing and invigorating us.

The individual with the disciplined imagination soars above all appearances, discord, sense evidence, and sees the sublime principle of harmony operating through, in, and behind all things. He knows that through his Divine imagery that there is an Everlasting Law of Righteousness behind all things, an Ever Abiding Peace, a Boundless Love governing the entire Cosmos.

[Taken from Believe in Yourself by Joseph Murphy]

Right Action

Prayer from UP Church | June 26th, 2015

I radiate goodwill to all humanity in thought, word, and deed. I know the peace and goodwill that I radiate to everybody comes back to me a thousand fold. Whatever I need to know comes to me from the God-Self within me. Infinite Intelligence is operating through me, revealing to me what I need to know. God in me knows only the answer. The perfect answer is made known to me now.

Infinite Intelligence and Divine Wisdom make all decisions through me, and there is only right action and right expression taking place in my life. Every night I wrap myself in the mantle of God’s Love and fall asleep knowing Divine Guidance is mine. When the dawn comes, I am filled with peace. I go forth into the new day full of faith, confidence, and trust. Thank You, Father.

[Taken from Special Meditations for Health, Wealth, Love and Expression by Joseph Murphy]

Wearing His Garment

Prayer from UP Church | June 25th, 2015

I have found God in the sanctuary of my own soul. God is Life; that Life is my life. I know that God is not a body; He is shapeless, timeless and ageless; I see God in my mind’s eye. Through understanding I see and look upon God in the same way that I see the answer to a mathematical problem.

I now rise to the awareness of peace, poise, and power. This feeling of joy, peace, and goodwill within me is actually the Spirit of God moving within me; it is God in action. It is Almighty. There is no power in external things to hurt me; the only Power resides in my own mind and consciousness.

My body is the garment of God. The Living Spirit Almighty is within me; it is absolutely pure, holy, and perfect. I know that this Holy Spirit is now flowing through me, healing and making my body whole, pure, and perfect. I have complete power over my body and my world.

My thoughts of peace, power, and health have the Power of God to be realized within me now. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8). I have seen and felt His Holy Presence; it is wonderful.

[Taken from Special Meditations for Health, Wealth, Love and Expression by Joseph Murphy]


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