"Change your MIND, change your LIFE"

Family and friends of UP,

Today we are honored to feature a fantastic mind treatment on forgiveness presented by our own Rev. Sheree Thompson.  We trust that it will fill your mind and heart with the transformative healing power of Divine love.

Be forgiving,
Assistant Minister 

Forgiveness mind treatment:  I forgive myself completely for harboring negative, hateful thoughts, and I resolve to change my mind now.  Divine love fills my soul.  Divine peace saturates my mind and heart.  God’s healing love permeates my whole being.  God made me and sustains me.  Whenever I think of ___, I will immediately affirm, “God be with you,” which means all around harmony and peace.  It is my benediction, and when I bless him I bless myself.  God is healing me now and I give thanks for the miraculous healing taking place.
Family and friends of UP Church,
As the holiday season progresses, let your commitment to remaining in peace and at peace deepen. With all the activity of holiday parties and gift buying swirling around us, it is easy to forget that something really beautiful is being born in us: the Christ child. No matter how busy it gets, keep aside at least five minutes (or more) of each day that you dedicate to God. Make it a non-negotiable. 
Be blessed,
Assistant Minister
Father/Mother God,
I bless the space where You and I meet: my mind. Let it be cleaned out and made completely pure. I remove the debris of jealousy and envy and anger and frustration. I pick up the dust from lack of forgiveness and doubt and anxiety. I make my mind, the space where You and I convene holy.
I fill it with thoughts of good and plenty so that when You and I meet in prayer, You feel at home and welcomed in my mind. I do not want You tripping over any hurts that I’ve been slow to let go. Rather, I want You to feel so comfortable in my mind that You’ll want to stay a long time.
So I take care to forgive everything and everything. It’s not worth me holding on to anyone or anything that would interfere with us having the best connection possible. I let it all go now that I understand the real cost.
I bless our time together. It is so sacred to me. Thank You for moments like this in my life. I ask for many more. Amen.
Happy Sunday!
Thank you for your support of UP Church. We love and appreciate you and send you blessings for a beautiful holiday season!
Assistant Minister
Father/Mother God,
Thank You for the best Christmas season ever! Let Your Son be born in me this year in a fresh way. Give me a new understanding of Jesus that allows me to express him in a greater way than ever before.
Let the joy of the season fill my heart. Let that joy overflow into every of my life. Let everyone I touch feel this joy. Awaken the light of the Christ within me in a way that positively impacts my world. Thanks God.
I know You answer prayer. So I trust You to fulfill this request in Your perfect time. Thanks God. Amen.
Happy Saturday!
May your weekend be bright!
Be light,
Assistant Minister
Father/Mother God,
I give thanks and praise for Your grace. You love me and that is obvious to me. I have food to eat. I have family and friends that care about me. I have clothes to wear. I have somewhere safe to sleep at night. I am able to earn income to support myself. I know that this is all because of You Father.
You support me and that is obvious to me. My heart beats without my conscious participation. My body systems function without my involvement. Each day you provide me with the beautiful, natural light of the sun. Each night when it is time for me to sleep, the temperatures cool naturally so that I may sleep peacefully.
Spirit, You have my best interests at heart. I trust You without reservation. I believe in the direction You are taking my life. Let Your divine will now guide, guard, protect and prosper me. Amen.
Family and friends of UP Church,
We send you words of encouragement to positively contribute to your day. May you enjoy many miracles today.
Be blessed,
Assistant Minister
Father/Mother God,
We need You today to help us make sense of the things happening in our world. For the mothers who grieve the loss of their children, the mothers who live in fear that their son may be next, I speak peace. Regardless of appearances, there is only one power. And that one power has a divine solution available for those who can hear.
I cut out all distractions Father. I want to hear what You want to say to me and what You want to do through me. Guide me into right action so that I might be of service in this world. Teach me what to do with my talent so that I contribute to a world wherein all lives matter. For those who cannot quiet the hurt to hear You Father, send Your Holy Spirit to comfort them. Those of us who are quiet enough to hear – let us not hesitate to step up to support the healing that needs to happen.
No matter how crazy it appears to be, I affirm Your divine will to be at work in this world. Things are coming up for us to examine and handle collectively. Thank You in advance for positive change. Thanks God for answered prayer. I put this matter and all other concerns in Your hands. I know You will harmonize what appears to be incompatible. Amen.
Happy Friday!
We hope this has been a productive week for you and that you’ve uncovered something wonderful about yourself that you didn’t know before. 
Here’s an affirmation for your Friday: I open my heart and mind to discover new talents and gifts within myself and God helps me bring them into expression
Be encouraged,
Assistant Minister
Father/Mother God,
I trust Your plan for my life. I know You have a design for my life that far exceeds anything I can imagine for myself. I surrender what I believe I want and I allow You to bring Your grand design for my life through me.
Fill my heart with the right ideas and right beliefs so that I may do Your will. Allow my vision to expand so that I begin to see the world as You see it. Help me to stop judging by appearances and to begin to walk by faith alone.
I relax into Your arms Spirit. I am listening for Your instruction. Guide me. I will to do Your will. Amen.
Family and friends of UP Church,
Words are so powerful. It doesn’t matter whether they are spoken or not. In fact, I could argue that it’s the inner chatter that only you hear in your own head that matters most. Affirmations are a tool that we use to get a handle on our inner chatter. I want to share with you a few affirmative statements that will help you change your inner conversation:
  • I love myself.
  • I believe in myself.
  • God loves me unconditionally.
May these affirmations contribute to your overall well-being.
Be thoughtful,
Assistant Minister
Father/Mother God,
How thankful I am for this holiday season. We get to celebrate the birth of Your son Jesus. And I get to experience the birth of the Christ within myself. Oh, how I wish to have the mind that was in Mary that allowed the pure Christ child to be born. Let my heart and mind be purified this season. I want a greater expression of the Christ in me than ever before. I’m ready to grow. I’m ready to stretch.
I see myself giving more. I see myself generously sharing all that I have with friends, family and even strangers. I am quick to smile and slow to turn a blind eye to someone in need. I go out of my way to help someone else and I look for nothing in return. I practice being You in expression – loving everyone I meet, giving generously to anyone that asks, and sharing graciously all that is mine. I can feel myself growing. I can feel myself expanding.
Thank You God for nurturing me through this growth process. I feel more alive, more alert and more tuned in to You than ever before. Thank You for all that You’ve given me. May I always remember to give and share, knowing that I draw from an infinite fountain of good. Thanks God. May Your will b done in my life, world and affairs. Amen.

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